First off this ain’t your Momma’s review.

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If you’re squeamish, have sensitive ears, or maybe you’re just a rat, do yourself a favor and hit the back button now and beat it.

There’s probably a boy band somewhere lookin for a fifth member.

Now for the rest of you…

The name’s Michael.

I won’t bore you with one of those lame “I overcame adversity, look at me now” kind of stories.

And you won’t see any pretty pictures of my kids or my old lady here either.

I don’t have time, and you don’t really care.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s cut the crap and talk about something real.


More importantly you making some.

If you think that old worn out top 25 warm market list you’ve been dragging around from company to company is going to get your bank account off life support I’ve got bad news for you buddy…

…those people are letting your calls go to voicemail cupcake.

Want a way to build your business that doesn’t make you feel like a low life?

Ya, I thought so.

Well listen up.

A few years back yours truly was a little down on his luck.

I was low.

Desperate and willing to do anything to build my business…no matter the cost.

I swore I would never do it. But I was weak…

..and I finally caved.

That high that came the first time I got away with it is still seared in my mind.

I didn’t know it yet but stealing traffic would become an addiction.

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for this bloke Gavin Mountford.

His Team Site Traffic strategy was my last hope.


At first it was only a site or two here or there.

Soon I found myself boosting thousands of unique visitors a day and going on caffeine induced keyword benders without regard for anyone or anything else around me.

I was dangerous.

My days of cold prospecting, hounding my friends, and desperately adding strangers on Facebook were over.

I had become a full blown traffic junkie.

You’re about to find out why.

Team Site Traffic Review

Ok pumpkin let me break it down for you.

Whether you know it or not there are already thousands of people who hop on their precious Macbooks every day and search for your company and products.

Ya, while you’re out talking to strangers and doing those dog and pony show home parties for reluctant family members, thousands of people are going online and slapping down their plastic.

Want proof?


That’s 18,000 credit card wavin people looking for more info so they can buy skin care voodoo.

How many coffee shop meetings or Facebook chit chat sessions would you need to do before finding 18,000 people who legitimately ALREADY wanted your product or opportunity?

You will blow your brains out before you find em. Trust me.

But what if you had a team blog/site positioned in front of that metro sexual filled silky skin lovin search volume?

Starting to get it smart guy?

Now when Gavin first let me in on his system I had questions.

Lot’s of em.

Starting with…

What The Hell Is it?

First before we get ahead of ourselves the course doesn’t roll out until June 17th.

So if you want to be kept in the loop and get the bonuses for buying I’m about to lay on you later in this post then you need drop your email below.

Click Here To Stay In The Loop And Get My Bonuses.

When you join make sure you send a copy of your receipt to

Alright, now let’s talk details.

Gavin’s training in the system shows you exactly how to build a thriving network marketing organization by teaching you how to build a unique, high converting, team site and position it in front of massive swarms of traffic.

Imagine for a second your entire team sharing YOUR site absolutely everywhere!

Team-Site-Traffic-featuresGavin actually developed the Team Site WordPress Domination plugin to track where the people coming to your team site are coming from and reward the referring team member with the sign up. (smart bloke)

This (for maybe the first time) gives your team mates a financial incentive to spread the team site.

As a leader it gives you amazing leverage and a unique ethical bribe to entice people to join your team vs another.

Why you should quit whining and just do this:

  • Position yourself as an expert and THE authority when it comes to your business or opportunity.
  • Start generating highly targeted traffic to turn into leads, sales, and new reps around the world 24hrs a day.
  • Give your team a REASON to share your site and content, write you testimonials, and position you as a leader.
  • Help your team recruit more reps through your site so they can earn more money faster.

Who this is NOT for:

  • People NOT willing to learn SOME technical aspects of marketing or NOT willing to pay to outsource it.
  • People who give up quickly.
  • If you listen to and enjoy Enrique Iglesias. (You’ve got bigger problems than traffic)

Look, a site like this is like a machine that spits out new leads, sales, and recruits every day for you.

Need some more convincing?

Alright, because I like ya why don’t you check out what I’m willing to do for you.

Just this one time though sweetheart.

My Bonus – Because I’m A Nice Guy

I’m about to hook you up buttercup.

You WILL owe me.

Now I’m sure there are going to be other cute bonuses being offered out there.

But be honest.

Do you NEED another course? More audios to listen to? An ebook to read?

Pffft you probably already have piles of that stuff on your hard drive collecting digital dust.

Right? (wink)

What you need is someone to grab you by the hand take you under their wing.

That’s why I’ve called in a favor for you.

If you buy Team Site Traffic I’m going to connect you with one of my fellow traffic junkies that I pulled a couple jobs with back in the day.

His name is Jeff Samis and he has agreed to let you in on his over the shoulder video ranking strategy.

He’s using it to push videos to the top of Google and once you purchase Team Site Traffic from me here I’ll have him send it right over to you.

Better yet, if you upgrade to the Team Site Sales Funnel Formula ($100) he’ll do a 30 minute consult with you.

He usually charges $500 for a 30 minute coaching session but I think he’s secretly a little scared of me so I applied some pressure and he agreed.

You’re welcome.

He will get on the phone or skype with you and personally review your site, give you strategy, technical help or anything else you need to help you get the biggest results possible with your site.

Why should you care?

Because this guy is the real deal.

He has multiple sites crushing the search engines and sucking in traffic like a Dyson.

His results using the Team Site system speak for themselves.

He’s pretty private but he said I could share this with you:


Told ya you’d owe me.

Now if you haven’t done it yet make sure you go here now so I can keep you posted when this thing launches and hook you up with my bonuses.

Remember when you join make sure you send your receipt to

After that, well you’ll be living in my world.

Stealin traffic, recruiting new reps daily, counting money, and lookin for your next keyword fix.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.